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An Avant Garde Saraswati

The key to a good design is creativity and sensibility, if we could frame it in a rather poetic way, it would be “A good design requires both the touch of heart and sense of mind in it.” A rhythmic conundrum between the two creates a safe space for us all. A place where our creative desires our fulfilled without compromising the protection of our surroundings, that is what a good design is all about. Sounds a lot similar to a definition that we’ve read at least once in our lifetimes, right? Yes, it’s sustainability. This term might seem like it has been used a million times, but we don’t know its power. It cannot be stressed more how crucial this term is for us, and our future.

It really is all about making the small changes in our lives, choosing the better. Sustainability is more of a practice which has a huge following now. Awareness and realization drove minds to know what should be given the spotlight. With mindful decisions and art, the world becomes a better place. We are seeing so many institutions and organizations coming together and following sustainable practices like recycling zero waste projects and creating eco friendly products.

The students of Eseds School of design did not see this as a challenge but took this golden opportunity in creating something so special! Being a sustainable design school, every year we have to set the bar higher when it comes to creative thinking and sustainability!

On the auspicious day of the Goddess Saraswati or also known as the Goddess of Wisdom, Esedians presented a one of a kind idol of the Goddess Saraswati. The idol was completely made out of paper, but hold on, that’s not it! Students of Eseds had to think out of the box. Having learnt about the various yet distinctive art movements, esedians were inspired by Cubism. With the help of the expert mentors, they were successful in creating a Unique Idol of Goddess Saraswati inspired by the Cubist art movement. Precision to detail and skillful artistry made such a challenge come from 2D to 3D for Eseds!

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