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Learn software like AutoCAD from the best AutoCAD software course in Kolkata at ESEDS School of Design. Start today and improve your skills. We have got experienced professionals who will guide you and help you launch your career in the field of interior design.

Level: Short Term Certification Course

Duration: 6 Months

Eligibility: Minimum Secondary or Equivalent examination (CBSE, ICSE, WBSE or any other equivalent board exams) with English as a compulsory subject preferred.

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The course covered over a span of 6 months, divided into Autocad Basic (3 Months) and Autocad Advanced (3 Months) taking classes 2 hrs class thrice a week.

It encourages students to develop:


  1. an ability to record from direct observation and personal experience;
  2. an ability to identify and solve problems in visual and/or other forms;
  3. creativity, visual awareness, critical and cultural understanding;
  4. an imaginative, creative and personal response;
  5. confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in the practice of Art and Design;
  6. growing independence in the refinement and development of ideas and personal outcomes;
  7. engagement and experimentation with a range of media, materials and techniques, including new media where appropriate;
  8. experience of working in relevant frameworks and exploration of manipulative skills necessary to form, compose and communicate in two and/or three dimensions;
  9. knowledge of a working vocabulary relevant to the subject and an interest in, and a critical awareness of, other practitioners, environments and cultures;
  10.  investigative, analytical, experimental, interpretative, practical, technical and expressive skills.
Autocad Basic - 3 Months (72 hours)
Introduction To Autocad 2d
Getting Started With Autocad
Starting With Advanced Sketching
Working With Drawing Aids
Editing Sketched Objects
Editing Sketched Objects ( Advanced )
Creating Text And Tables
Basic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning, And Tolerancing
Editing Dimensions
Dimension Styles, Multileader Styles, And System Variables
Model Space Viewports, Paper Space Viewports, And Layouts
Plotting Drawings
Hatching Drawings
Working With Blocks
Autocad Advanced - 3 Months (72 hours)
Introduction To Autocad 3d
Converting From 2d To 3d
Interior Designing In 3d Autocad

The assessment strategy for our design courses uses a perfect balance between summative and formative assessments in order to improve skills not only on core disciplines but also in project planning and time management. Projects are concurrently conducted between all modules in order to improve students’ transferrable skills, allowing them to link skills and competencies from various domains.

Work more efficient and increase your productivity by diving into the world of CAD. This course enables a faster Product design process, visualizing your product and making your clients happy.

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