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Biophilic design at ESEDS School of Design

The year 2022 has indeed seen a number of climate related disaster one after another. An estimate related 33 million people were affected by monsoon flooding that submerged almost a third of Pakistan after record breaking heat weaves burned India and Pakistan. Now the only one question that stays is , is it not enough for us to understand the need of Sustainable approach in every field?

Sustainability is about maintaining a balance in social, economic and environmental regimes. Social concerns deal with maintaining peace and harmony in the society. In economic terms, it means preserving the financial integrity of the individual as well as the nation. Environmental sustainability deals with utilization of energy and natural resources and maintaining a proper balance so that humans can co-exist for a long time. The good news is there are sustainable projects which are being done. One of the greatest example of biophilic design is Ilead-ESEDS campus in Kolkata. 

ESEDS stands for this cause and demonstrates this vibrantly through its infrastructure. Effort is put in the sustainable construction of every nook and corner of the campus. Either the materials or the furniture themselves are reused, recycled or beautified and crafted into decorative. Here are a few examples of how ESEDS has incorporated sustainability in it’s campus design:

REUSED PLASTIC BOTTLES – As you enter the campus premises you can see plastic bottles decorating the walls as planters creating beautiful green walls. Plastics are the major cause of land and groundwater pollution and incinerating them releases harmful gases like burans and PCPs.

UPCYCLED FURNITURE – The campus has upcycled sewing machines, reclaimed wood, tires, etc. into furniture such as chairs and benches.  The recycled wooden furniture are aesthetically satisfying and environmentally inspiring. They prevent deforestation and loss of valuable natural resources. It causes less environmental damage by preventing destruction of habitats and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.  

THERMOCOL CEILING – Eco-friendly thermocol sheets have been used in the construction of campus ceiling. They are easy in installation and help in acoustics of classrooms.

Despite all this, each material has its own pros and cons which needs to be looked upon. Our campus dynamically and tirelessly evolves with time thereby inspiring the students and faculty. We as torch-bearers of the society, strive towards a 100% sustainable college campus generating awareness among millions!

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