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Climate ACtions (SDG 13)

Climate action has become an urgent priority for the world. With temperatures rising, natural disasters becoming more frequent and extreme, and biodiversity declining at an alarming rate, it’s clear that urgent action is needed to protect our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Due to the complexity of the climate change issue, it requires a multidimensional strategy that involves collaboration between governments, businesses, and individuals. Here are some important steps that we can all take to combat climate change:

1. Reduce carbon footprint: The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, organization, or product. We can all reduce our carbon footprint by making simple changes to our daily lives, such as using public transport, reducing energy consumption, and eating a more plant-based diet.

Source – IQAir

2. Support renewable energy: Investing in renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Three ways with which we could kickstart the use of renewable resources are :

  • Make renewable energy technology a global public good
  • Improve global access to components and raw materials required to produce special machineries
  • Shift energy subsidies from fossil fuels to renewable energy

3. Encouraging sustainable practices: Encouraging sustainable practices in the workplace, such as reducing waste and using environmentally friendly products, can make a big difference in reducing our collective impact on the environment.If we all take small initiatives we would be able to achieve bigger goals.

Source – Golden arrow packaging and innovation

4. Lobby for policy change: Governments play a crucial role in addressing climate change, and we can all make a difference by lobbying for policies that promote sustainable practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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5. Raise awareness: Finally, raising awareness about the urgency of climate action is essential. We can all play a role in educating our friends, family, and colleagues about the impact of climate change and the steps we can take to address it.

The climate is changing,so should we.Now is the high time to hold ourselves responsible and change years’ habits.If you ask why is it essential?It is essential to protect our planet and ensure a sustainable future for all living beings on Earth. By reducing our carbon footprint, supporting renewable energy, encouraging sustainable practices, lobbying for policy change, and raising awareness, we can all make a difference in addressing the urgent issue of climate change. It’s time for all of us to take action and work towards a more sustainable future.

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