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Colours and Fashion

“The chief function of colour should be to serve expression.”

Henri Matisse

Colour has always been a powerful factor to define someone. Colour helps us to express ourself and acts as a signal to others.When we dress for a special occasion or for everyday tasks, we consider the scenario and the colours that match with it. For example, we usually wear neutral colours to funerals, whereas for celebratory celebrations, we use warm, brilliant colour palettes.

It is apparent that colour is a significant aspect in both our lives and our wardrobes. When purchasing things, 92.6% of consumers indicated they value visual factors.

What Do Colours Mean in Fashion?

Colour plays a big part in fashion. Different colours signify different emotions. Here’s a list of colours and what they convey:

Red:- Red is the most attractive colour. Red is the colour of passion, love and power but can be associated with anger, violence and danger. Wear red to feel bold.

Blue:- Blue signifies peace and relaxation. Wearing blue communicates loyalty and stability. Blue has a calming physical effect and is often associated with sadness.

Yellow:- Yellow represents youth, ecstacy and positivity. Wear yellow to embrace joy as it is often associated with spring and summer.

Green:- green is refreshing,calming and peaceful. It’s often with growth and safety. On the other side, the phrase ‘ the green eyed monster’ is often used to convey envy. Wear green to feel grounded and renewed. It’s the best colour to meet new people as it’s a very approachable colour.

Orange:- Orange is associated with attention, enthusiasm, happiness and energy. It’s the colour of fall season too. It is a very vibrant and attention grabbing colour. Wear orange to feel more social and extroverted.

Purple:- Purple is the colour of mystery, wealth and fantasy. Purple has a long history with royalty as it’s one of the most expensive to produce. Wear purple to stand out.

Pink:- Pink represents romance, Kindness and affection. Pink is often linked to femininity, softness and compassion. Though in the early 20th century it was considered as a “stronger” colour and reserved for boys. Wear pink to feel fresh and playful.

Black:- black absorbs all light on the colour spectrum, it isn’t considered a colour but rather the absence of colour. Black is all about boldness,power, and elegance or it can be viewed only as a lack of colour and trigger sorrow. Black isn’t as forward as red but can easily intimidate others.Wear black when you want to feel subtly strong. 

White:- White can be associated with innocence or purity in many western cultures, while it often symbolises death in some eastern traditions. White represents Peacefulness, cleanliness, innocence, and emptiness. White conveys a feeling of newness so wear white to feel uplifted.

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