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Empowerment Through Fashion

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Whenever you think of fashion what is that one word that comes up; Yes I can read you. Glamour, isn’t it? But what if I told you the first word that I can think of is Empowerment. Will you agree with me? 

The definition of empowerment can vary from person to person. Every woman has their own way of feeling empowered through fashion. But one agreeable point is that fashion is a form of self-expression. Every woman has their unique style which helps them portray who they are in front of the world. Fashion can be empowering when one has the option to choose their preference.

Fashion is empowerment, Fashion is strength, and Fashion is confidence.

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Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain Army Grows for Diversity-Focused LOreal Campaign – The Hollywood Reporter

The creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing said; For me, Balmain is almost feminist, he says. It’s about the power of girls and women in the world. All the muses that have inspired me are really strong and they sometimes fight against the world to show their own rules. When I think, what is the Balmain girl? it’s this. It’s a woman who knows what she wants and is going to express it. 

There is no denying the fact that fashion can provide economic empowerment. Let me share with you all a few data. According to data from Fibre2Fashion, the textile industry accounts for as large as 21% of total employment generated in the economy. Around 35 million people are directly employed in the textile manufacturing industry.

Let me name a few top fashion retail brands in India – 

Reliance Trends

Future Group

The Raymond Group

These companies, directly and indirectly, employ a huge percentage of people who are benefited from the fashion-textile industry. From CEOs to manufacturing laborers the entire chain of hierarchy is dependent on this industry. The world of fashion helps millions of workers to fulfill their basic necessities in life.

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Image Courtesy –

Women in every Industry are taken for granted from the very beginning and the fashion industry is no exception. But now things have turned, and we get to see inspiring brands like Okhai. A brand founded by Kirti Poonia in 2015, she started her brand with 350 women in Gujrat and as of today, Okhai is responsible for the empowerment of 2300 woman artisans across the country.

Another great example is the brand Suta. Founded by Sujata Biswas and Tania Biswas. They promote embracing their own style. To feel empowered in one’s own style. In the present world, there are numerous examples of successful companies led and run by women in the Fashion industry.

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Okhai Artisans – Picture from textile value chain

In a true sense, Fashion is empowering. If you want to join this Industry, visit ESEDS School of Design. One of the best design institutes in India. The school is known for its quality and sustainable approach to the design Industry. The school has also worked with various rural clusters to provide empowerment to women residing in rural areas.

Join the world of design and be the changemaker. 

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