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Through a series of collective and one-on-one activities, potential students will explore where their career interests, talents and desired industry profiles merge with the school’s offerings at various ESEDS events which takes place round the year.

Upcoming Events

ESEDS at Sikkim

ESEDS organised an experiential trip to Sikkim as a part of 2023 annual trip. This trip witnessed fun and friendship. Students of ESEDS not only made new memories, but also got a taste of Sikkim’s tranquil beauty and cultural features. Every type of creative work requires exposure to various cultures and places. ESEDS makes an effort to instill that crucial element within the students.


ESEDS organised a Potluck to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The event was graced by a top notch food blogger konizfoodwheels. With an accent of fresh flavours from the house of our students,potluck had a plethora of choices at the lunch table. The centre table had the warmth of a bohemian chic look which was the main attraction of the event.The students meticulously garnished their plates which could have given any Michelin Star Chef a run for his money.

Sports Day 2022

Beside art and design, ESEDS is very enthusiastic about sports. From students to faculty everyone waits for Sports day eagerly. ESEDS Students vs Teachers annual Sports was full of adrenaline rush and enthusiasm. Although the head-to-head battle for earning scores was very uncertain, the students snatched the throne of victory.

Christmascape 2022

The joyous greetings of the season from the ESEDS family. Christmascape 2022 was organized by our students to celebrate this holiday season. Christmas carols, gifts, cakes, and fun games filled the day.

An Interactive session with Mr. Neil Andrew Robinson

ESEDS School of Design has arranged an interactive session with Mr. Neil Andrew Robinson, a professional educator, illustrator, photographer, designer, and managing director and co-founder of ESEDS School of Design. This session ran from past history to the future vision of the institute. The students get to know more about sustainability and its future prospects in the fashion and interior industry.

A day at Spice Bageecha 6.0

Sharing with you all an experiential fashion show by the students of ESEDS School of design at a day at Spice Bageecha 6.0 organised by Earth day organisation. The students showcased beautiful designs by the designers presented there. The day was all about fun and sustainability.

Halloween 2022

Let’s take a peek into 2022 halloween at ESEDS.The event witnessed spooky decor and fictional characters cosplayed by our students.The event also had fun live dj,Bhoot Bhangra arranged by our students.At the end it was all about fun frolic and joy with a pinch of spookiness.

CCU Festival at Tal Kutir, Eco Space

The students of ESEDS got an amazing opportunity to be a part of a team creating an installation using E-waste at the CCU festival in collaboration with Hulladek.The installation was one of the centerpieces of the CCU festival and indeed grabbed quite some attention.

Teachers Day 2022

On 5th Sep, 2022 the ESEDIANs celebrated teacher’s day to express their love and respect for their beloved teachers. The day was full of unprecedented fun and joy, the students did various activities dedicated to their teachers. The students also felicitate the teachers for their commendable service and teaching abilities.


An experiential pre-puja Cultural program was hosted by ESEDS school of design in collaboration with iLEAD. From spectacular dance performances to experiential fashion performances, the cultural program witnessed a wide range of performances. Here are some of the moments from the student-oriented pre-puja Cultural program.


ESEDS School of design and ILEAD Institute in collaboration with the Fashion Revolution India team and YUVA hosted the “Swap Not Shop” event, promoting the global campaign “Second Hand September”. The event was organized to not only promote but inculcate the values of sustainability within the younger generation and also to understand consumer behavior on Swapping Vs Buying New.


At ESEDS, the induction period is all about beginning a new journey. For all of the new ESEDS members, experiential training and event had been planned. This induction session was kept to increase the freshmen’s enthusiasm and to provide them with a hands-on introduction that will aid in their three-year journey. The induction stage was guided by knowledgeable, experienced mentors. They offered a wide range of workshops on topics like photography, Shora, lino printing, mind mapping, etc. Each student not only learned a lot but also thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


ABID 2022 was indeed a wonderful experience for all the Interior Design students of ESEDS. Not only was it a learning experience where they got to learn about the trends and new innovative designs and material available in the market but also they got “Special Jury” award for both intercollege design competitions “Art Installation” and “Commercial Interior Design Project” competition. We are nothing but proud of all the ESEDSIANS amazing contribution.


ESEDS in collaboration with ilead has organized “Future Vista 2022”-The era of influencers celebrating the change makers.A panel Session discussing change which is constant in the realms of fashion, beauty entertainment and interior design industry.As our Panellist we had fashion influencer/content creator miss Shrishti Nadhani,fashion designer/grooming expert/celebrity Designer Mr Indroneel Mukherjee and French Furniture Designer/founder of Terra Indica Mr Christophe Plais.The event was moderated by Fashion Designer/Celebrity Stylist/Educator Mr Aloke Kumar Singh.It was indeed a very insightful session for all the students who attended the session.ESEDS being the best fashion and interior design college in kolkata, we try to give as much exposure as possible.


It was a honor to collaborate with one of the leading fashion designer Paromita Banerjee at such an esteemed event, “Mango Festival 2022” at ITC Royal Bengal.The students of ESEDS got this huge opportunity to style alongside her.Here is a glimpse of the event.All the outfits that were showcased in the Mango Festival were made out of sustainable fabrics and portrays different types of mangoes available in Murshidabad.The wonderful show also got T2 coverage for its sustainable approach.

Maitri Museum,Petrapole

In 1971, when Bangladesh was fighting for their independence, India supported them in their fight. Due to this a lot of indian and bangladeshi soldiers lost their lives. In Petrapole, which is the border of India and Bangladesh, a museum named Maitree Museum has been constructed to honor all the brave soldiers who selflessly gave their lives fighting for and protecting their country.The students of ESEDS created a model “War Museum”.The model is now at display in Maitri museum.


Proud to be present at “silky mission India ” seminar by techno India in collaboration with ESEDS ,Institute Fancais,Ambassade De France En Inde and Alliance Française.
We extend a very warm thanks to Miss Isabelle Moulin for such a wonderful presentation on silk.This opportunity indeed gave all the students of ESEDS a better knowledge on the heritage and history of silk.


The students of ESEDS got a prodigious opportunity to showcase their sustainable fashion collection named “Trapped Nomad” at Bengal Chambers of Commerce as a part of Earth day celebration.The collection “trapped nomad” portrays all about our consumerism.Our Greed that is destroying our mother earth and how much we are trapped in the circle of consumerism. At the end the message was clear it’s high time that we all “STOP OUR GREED”


Hulladek Sustainability Fair 2022 was organized by Hulladek. ESEDS was invited as the only sustainable college in India to participate and interact with people. Hulladek and ESEDS share the same aim that is sustainability. To approach the value and importance of sustainability at such a big scale was indeed a huge opportunity.


ESEDS annual trip to Dooars was all about friendship, unity and learning experience. The students not only got to explore the natural beauty of Dooars but also got to explore local handicrafts and traditions. ESEDS school of design being the best design school in India doesn’t believe in only conventional methods of teaching. The faculties of ESEDS took various workshops like outdoor sketching workshop, pebble art workshop, outdoor fashion shoot etc. From bonfire, barbeque nights to enjoying tribal dance, the journey was surely a memorable experience for all the students of ESEDS.

Visit to Saint Paul’s Cathedral

In 2021, Our students of B.Sc. Second semester Interior Design had a great time understanding the structural narratives of a century old sacred space i.e The Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Kolkata. Form and structure in Interior Architecture examines the basic ideas that underpin the design of interior space.With that motif students started documenting the structural formation of the cathedral. Each day is exciting at ESEDS as students learn the importance of exploring outdoor education as a vital part of the design curriculum. The outdoor learning activity was well steered by our guest faculty Mr. Arkadeep Roy


The students of ESEDS took a field trip to Hastashilpa mela 2021 under the supervision of their professors. In this trip they studied and interacted with indigenous weavers, craftsmen and artisans. West Bengal is known for its rich traditional heritage. At ESEDS we give our students the exposure to gain practical knowledge of the rich traditional handicrafts of West Bengal.


Hulladek is a disruptive innovator, pioneering processes in formalized e-waste and plastic waste management in eastern India. Hulladek in collaboration with ESEDS had arranged a seminar. The seminar was conducted by Ms Apeksha Sharma, executive Vice President Channel Management. The presentation was all about the effect of E-waste and how proper dismantlement can help solve problems. ESEDS being India’s first sustainable college, sustainability is always the main focus. Any knowledge on sustainability is something all our students look forward to. It was indeed a very successful interactive event.

Basanta Barna

The festival Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter. Here’s a glimpse of how ESEDS celebrated the ceremony of colours with music, dance and food. The day painted ecstasy to every Esedsian’s heart.


Patachitra is an ancient Bengali narrative art form, originally serving as a visual component. Bengal Patua artists carry the occupational surname of ‘Chitrakar’. ESEDS had organized a workshop taken by artisans Maina Chitrakar and Jaideep Chritrakar from Ghatal. The students from both fashion and interior design had interacted and also painted the artform along with the artisans. The use of natural pigments was one of the prominent sustainable factor behind the artform. All the students of ESEDS had extraordinary exposure to sustainability and ethnicity.


Saraswati Puja is always a very essential festival of every educational institutes. Devi Saraswati is the goddess of learning, wisdom, music and aesthetics. As a part of this auspicious function students of ESEDS under the mentorship of their art professor Mr Saibal Karmakar created paper art depicting Devi Saraswati, inspired by the art movement cubism.


ESEDS School of Design felt immensely happy to be on board with Door of Maai for a 2 day event named ‘Equilibrium’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The event showcased the creative work of the inmates of Alipore Women Correctional Home which was on for exhibition and sale.


Shantipur,Fulia is known for its rich handloom textiles. ESEDS school of designs had arranged a field trip for all their fashion design students to Shantipur. Textile being an integral part of fashion, a practical demonstration was very insightful for all the design students. The students also got to interact with the local artisans and gain knowledge from their year long experience.


Students of ESEDS school of design have celebrated the spirit of Christmas with a lot of pomp and joy. We had carol singing, cultural programme along with some delicious cake. The students dressed up as Santa Clause and elf and distributed gifs and goodies with their fellow classmates. They even had a secret Santa programme.


The celebration of the festival of lights at ESEDS started off with Rangoli, group effort by mentors and students. The cultural event by the students was as vibrant as the hues of the rangoli. After day of fun, food and frolic, the tired faces were somehow brighter than the earthen lamps lit to guide the good spirits home on the auspicious night.


Sharing with you all an experiential fashion performance by our Third Year fashion design students at Novotel,in collaboration with official event partner SKAL,hair and make-up partner LAKME ACADEMY Kolkata, sustainability partner earth Day organization and Venue partner Novotel.At Novotel they showcased their sustainable upcycled collection “trapped nomad”. The collection “trapped nomad” portrays all about our consumerism and greed that is destroying our mother earth and how much we are trapped in the circle of consumerism. At the end our message was clear it’s high time that we all “STOP OUR GREED”

 Workshop on Green Architecture

We are the pioneer of sustainable design education in Asia and to present the idea to the budding interior designers we organized a workshop on Green Architecture and Sustainability on Saturday which was 22nd February,2019. It was an excellent opportunity for the students at other interior colleges to learn from our expert faculties on how to reduce, reuse and recycle. The students who missed our workshop this time, do not get disheartened as we will be organizing more such interesting workshops soon. The workshop was steered brilliantly by our guest speakers who are unique in their fields. A big Thank you to Mr. Adityadip Chowdhury Mr. Arkadeep Roy and Ms. Jhanvi Sheth for conducting the workshop with such amazing elan. Overall, a great day for everyone at ESEDS. See you soon with such more interesting events!

bsc fashion design course in kolkata


ESEDS’ New state of the art campus opened in March 2017! Main Campus Building in a green oasis.

fashion design course in kolkata


#FASHIONREVOLUTION – On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. That’s when Fashion Revolution was born. There were five garment factories in Rana Plaza all manufacturing clothing for big global brands.


The victims were mostly young women. Year we have teamed up with fashion brands MICRONESIUM, DOOR of MAI and Kolkata based gallery BROWN BOY to bring you one big event including; exhibition – installation of fashion made from old clothes by our students and volunteers, workshops,

bsc fashion design course in kolkata


A day to of fun and creative activities at ESEDS – Quizzes, activities, workshops and food – what more could you want! Fashion fun at our Open Day event!

bsc interior design course in kolkata

CONSUMED – Sunday 14th February 2016

An evening of visual drama, dance, fashion, music and poetry focusing on the world issue of neo-liberal capitalist consumerism Chief Guest Swarup Dutta – Artist & Scenographer.

bsc interior design course in kolkata

Showcasing Headgear And Set Design Created & Designed By Students Of ESEDS

Live models showcase the ‘CONSUMED’ message with music and dance.

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