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Finding your own style

“ I don’t have anything to wear”- we all scream this phrase while having a closet full of clothes. Every time we go shopping and think “This is it. This is the piece that will change everything”. But the truth is, no single garment can wondrously Solve our problem, so we have to look into own existing wardrobe. Personally, my closet was full of varieties as we all love varieties. Finding your personal time style is a method of trial and error and-yes- mostly errors. It takes years to figure out what your actual vibe is. Now that I have found my own personal style you can too. Just try these tips to master it.

What is personal style?

Style is the way to express oneself whether that’s through clothing, art or the total aesthetic of your daily life. In fashion, style refers to your individual aesthetic choices such as clothing, accessories, hairstyle and the way you assemble them.
“Style never fades”. you can just ignore the trends and follow your own aesthetic. Personal styling is all about developing a sense of self rather than simply following trends.

How to find the style of your own.

Finding your own aesthetic takes a lot of work and time. It’s not something you can do overnight. Here are some tips to shorten the time span and efforts–

1. Reviewing your own closet.

First, choose the clothes that you love to wear most— the colors, the patterns, Silhouettes and vibe make you happy. then, take them out and think— why they make you feel good and what they have in common.

2. Pinterest your interests

When looking for your style, start with the celebrity or friend or anyone whose style you admire.Spend time on Social media, look for inspiration on web and pinterest. Fashion magazines are another source of inspiration. After finding what attracts you the most and make a pinterest board according to them.

3. Keep the basics in your closet.
For developing a personal style, you have to find items that you Can rely on every day like white shirt or blue denim which you can style with anything. Then look into your oven aesthetic and try to find details you like most as in if you love ruffles or you gravitate towards dark colors and keep them as your own basic Like if you like black, thy to keep black. t-shirt, black trousers, black blazers and shirts and dress as the basics of your closet.

best fashion collge in kolkata
best fashion collge in kolkata

4. Own some unique designs

After sorting out the basics, look for some unique pieces to put in your closet.You don’t always have to buy them from designers or high- end fashion stores. you can find them in local markets or you can thrift them. You can also look into your existing closet or Dly them. Swapping clothes with friends is a great option too.


You can’t complete a look without accessorizing it. For accessories, keep basics like black boots, white shoes, nude and black heels then go for what you like — what I mean is like if you like golden Jewelry or punk jewelry or into boots, sneakers or heels.

6. Find your signature style

Notice what you seek to complete a look at what your gо to piece that makes your style unique and you happy. So have one signature piece of clothing type in your closet to complete you and your outfit.

Being fashionable or carrying your own style are two different things. While following trends will help you to fit in the current standards, your own style will express the real you. Instead of fitting in, let’s stand out.

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