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Future of Fashion Workshop

The world of sustainable fashion is vast and has endless possibilities and scope.It is witnessing new innovations in the field of textile and new technologies and techniques to support the cause.Alongside, the market research is helping build new strategies which are implemented through constant experimentations.The growing and much needed sustainable industry is evolving each day. To keep up with the pace of all designers must stay updated.


 The Rana Plaza disaster which shook the world in 2013 led to the formation of the Fashion Revolution.We were all to be held accountable for such a catastrophe.The Fashion Revolution was established in 2013 as a result of this horrifying tragedy. Revolutionaries from all around the world joined together to demand reform in the fashion industry.

Like every year, fashion revolution India came up with innovative workshops to spread awareness within fashion students.Fashion revolution India in collaboration with ESEDS School of Design hosted a workshop named “Future of Fashion” at ESEDS open studios,1 AGC Bose road.

The aim of the workshop was to indulge students into critical thinking and create a art-work based on the future of fashion. The themes provided to students were – wellness to workers and climate positive fashion.

The students of ESEDS who participated in the workshop were divided into groups to brainstorm the future of the sustainable fashion industry and to imagine different scenarios exploring the future of fashion.

All the groups came up with revolutionary visions of what the future fashion world might look like.One group came up with a poster where they portrayed the vision of how consumer mentality is going to shift.

Through these interactions and brainstorming projects the students are getting prepared for the future and learning how to plan each step to reach the goal.

ESEDS School of design being the pioneering institute to focus on sustainability in the core curriculum of fashion design and focuses on practical skill development.The in depth curriculum on fashion design with Sustainability will help you become the designer of the future.

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