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How to incorporate art trends into your space design

The process of space design entails developing a setting depending on the requirements of the client. There is a significant market demand for space design today, whether it be for a home or workplace. While discussing space design, it is important to understand that trends are incredibly important. Somehow,art trends play a crucial role in space designing. Let’s now understand how to incorporate art trends.

Art – A simple approach to incorporate any art trend into any room is by hanging artworks of that particular art trend on the wall. Artwork can define the mood for the entire area, whether you decide to hang a statement piece above the fireplace or incorporate smaller pieces into an unexpected location, like a restroom.

Source- Grahams and Brown

Pattern – Another method to introduce the aesthetic of the art trend you are working with into your house is to use eye-catching patterns inspired by the art trend in your décor. Whether they are used on furniture, throw pillows, tapestries, or wallpaper, textiles in strong hues and intricate designs can lend texture to a space.

Below I have given one example of furniture inspired by abstract Art which can completely change the look and feel of your space.

Source – Web urbanist

Lighting – Your choice of lighting, whether it comes from chandeliers or lamps, can provide a variety of aspects about any art trend that you are working with.While creating a focal point. For example, if you are designing a space inspired by abstract art, put a metallic, geometric chandelier in your dining area to create a focal point that works well with the color scheme of the space. For the bedrooms, locate lampshades with a striking pattern or line drawing inspired by Pablo Picasso.

Source – Lila Rugs

Color – Colors can also play a very crucial role while working with art trends.Colors have the ability to provide the look and feel thereby creating an aura of the trend that one is working with.

Below I am attaching a space design inspired by art deco, by looking at the palette carefully chosen by the designer one can easily fall into the aura of art deco.

Source – Foyr Neo

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