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Kate Graham in ESEDS Student’s Design

World’s eyes were on Mumbai on the day of 31st of March. The city of dreams dazzled with glamor. Well known faces across the globe gathered to celebrate the rich history of Indian textile and its contribution. The host of this glamorous night was none other than the Ambani family. Their dream project Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center officially opened its doors on 31st of February.

Source – Mint

From Zendaya to Kate Graham the elitist celebrities attended the two-day long inauguration ceremony at NMACC. The world not only celebrated Indian design but also celebrated Indian designers.

The famous Hollywood celebrity Kate Graham was one of the well-known faces to attend the prestigious event. The well-known singer, dancer, and model best recognized for her roles in the drama series, The Vampire Diaries, 17 Again, Roommate, Honey 2, Addicted, etc., had undoubtedly captured the attention of many with her fabulous style and glamor.

Out of all the outfits one specific outfit that Kate Graham wore during her appearance is NMACC was a garment made by a design student, Supriti from India’s first sustainable fashion college, ESEDS School of Design. Supriti comes from a very humbled background from a small town in Serampore in Bengal where her father works in a shoe factory. The outfit made by her was made out of waste fabric collected from the shoe factory. Through her outfit the designer Supriti wanted to pay tribute to one of the famous comic artist and illustrator of India, Narayan Debnath. It took hours of hard work, skills and creativity to make the unique outfit.

Supriti’s humble journey to become a fashion designer got a chance to showcase her talent in front of the world. Nothing was possible without the great opportunity by Kate Graham. Many years later finally we have a celebrity who is giving a chance to a young student and sustainability. This great opportunity will surely boost her enthusiasm and also thousands of designers like her to achieve their dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Design is a practice that needs training to acquire the skills required to become a unique designer and sustainability is a practice that needs knowledge, research and implementations. ESEDS School of design being India’s first design Insititute in India to implement sustainability in its core curriculum. The Indepth curriculum not only prepares you for present market but also prepares you for the future. The world is shifting towards sustainability as it should and ESEDS focuses on just that.

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