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Let’s talk about Sustainable Development Goals

Many of us know about Sustainable Development Goals for those who didn’t or for those who want a deeper understanding about SDGS, you are surely at the right place.Let’s uncover all that you need to know about SDG and join hands to make a difference.

Why do we need to know about SDGs?

In the world of 8 billion people (According to a report by The United on Nov 15,2022) there are serious socio-economic problems deeply engraved within our society across the globe such as hunger and poverty.According to a report by the UN global hunger number rose to as many as 828 million by 2021.Another report based on latest poverty statistics shows 9.2% of global population or about 700 million people,live in extreme poverty.Extreme poverty line is defined as living on less than $1.90 per day.In addition to those living in extreme poverty, about 26% of global population or about 1.3 billion people,live in moderate poverty,defined as living on between $1.90 – $3.20/day. Due to these extremely unfortunate situations that we are facing, the United Nations came up with sustainable agendas which were agreed by 193 countries to address these problems and transform our world for the better.

There are 17 Sustainable Development goals(SDG) put forward by the United Nation.Each of the goals are presented for the enhancement of education, health, and economic prosperity as well as the global reduction of poverty and climate change. The SDGs are intended to defend the earth, and improve the lives and prospects of everyone.

To be a part of the global upliftment one must know about these sustainable goals in order to achieve a sustainable world.

What are the UN global goals?

There are 17SDGs.They are as follows : 

  1. End Poverty of all forms
  2. Zero Hunger
  3. Health
  4. 4)Education
  5. Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
  6. Water Sanitation
  7. Energy
  8. Economic Growth
  9. Infrastructure,Industrialization
  10. Inequality
  11. Cities
  12. Sustainable production and consumption
  13. Climate Actions
  14. Oceans
  15. Biodiversity, forests, desertification
  16. Peace,Justice and Strong institutions.
  17. Partnerships for the goals

      Source – United Nations

      WHY SDGs are important?

      The Sustainable Development Goals aim to protect the environment while solving key problems like poverty and hunger and creating a world of wealth. This has never been more crucial than it is right now, with the climate crisis.

      Each of the objectives is interconnected, thus accomplishing one frequently requires achieving the others. The objectives can only be met if they are incorporated into every aspect of government.

      Development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to satisfy their own needs is known as sustainable development. Each of the SDGs aims to raise living standards for everyone without exploiting natural resources. 


      The 5 pillars of sustainable developments are: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships, each of which has sustainability at its foundation. These pillars are there to guide decision-making regarding government initiatives put in place to advance the SDGs.

      How can we help?

      REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE is the first thing that you can do.Now that climate crisis is a major threat and we all are aware that we have already crossed the red line our conscious choices will make a huge difference.

      Support organizations who are dedicated to fight poverty or fighting for the right to basic education.

      Start working on your choices. Make the best choice because your one choice can bring a huge huge change.


      ESEDS School of Design is one such institute who follows the SDGs at its best and tries to incorporate the sustainable values to the next generation with their intense curriculum .Since we all know fashion industry is one of the most polluting industry in the world,ESEDS School of Design is trying to bring about a change in the world of fashion.They solely focuses on sustainable fashion.Their entire curriculum is designed in such a way so that the budding designers not only get the bookish knowledge but practices sustainability on a practical level.


      Now the world is facing serious problems.Be it climate crisis,poverty, right to basic education or right to basic necessities.We only will be able to achieve a solution to put a stop to it if we join hands.No organization alone can make it possible without the combined effort from mass.

      So let’s join hands for a beautiful sustainable world……… 

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