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Merry Eco Christmas

With the sweet bells ringing and the lights twinkling, the Magic of Christmas illuminates not only the lonely cold lanes of the foggy town, but also the little human hearts of the old and the young, pets and the wild. It is the season of our very old gingerbread houses with wine and the sweet act of bringing home a Christmas tree lit up with candy canes and stars so merry.

“Christmas is where you are… the chimes, the snow,
All make a setting for the heart aglow.
But Christmas is more subtle than all of these,
Something beyond the shimmering of trees,
Something that reaches deep within the heart
To find you, though we are far apart.”

There’s something about this festival that is so positively infectious, it is mystical!

People think of so many ways to gift each other, no matter what size or price, gifting is an act of love. And that’s makes christmas so special, it is a festival of humanity and hope.

There are people in the world, who are creating an impactful change in the ways of gifting, that wouldn’t harm the environment. After all, we are the gifts of Nature. It is always a good day to do something for the environment, giving back the love and respect that she deserves. If we all come together to initiate a change, those changes can shape the world we had always imagined to be – Harmonious and Peaceful. Eseds School of Design, believes in it too!

Being a Sustainable School of Design, it was necessary for us to give justice to what we truly stand for – Sustainability. A Sustainable Christmas shouldn’t mean “boring”
When you have the power of creativity, you can climb any mountain. We made sure to make our Christmas impactful and fun, so we made a Sustainable Christmas tree!

Old, worn out, unused and waste scrap fabrics were used for the layer structure of the tree. The scrap fabrics probably would never have been used, so we decided to create something new out of them :

  • Each layer of fabric was dipped in old, unused dyes, the dye water was then reused in dyeing other fabric scraps.
  • Keeping in mind a minimal wastage of water.

The decorations are simply adorable!

  • Rightfully so, as we used old waste scrapbook papers which were turned into colourful stars and tied to the christmas tree.
  • Woolen thread balls were cut to make cute cherry looking ornaments on the tree and their yarns were made into braid like structures carefully put all around the tree to give the perfect finish of the whole Christmas look!

Then we have our very own Sustainable Secret Santa! Sounds fun, right?
Students of Eseds and the Faculties became the secret santas for each other, in a mindful way. Each of them carefully wrapped their gifts using old newspapers, masking tapes and with lot’s of love and warmth.

“Singing the song we both have learned through tears,
Know that it holds the faith deep planted there,
Nourished by your dreams our one prayer.”

There’s no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere. When we have a creative mind, almost everything is easy to make, almost any boring paper or a scrap of fabric can be turned into art when we have the divine power of creativity and a kind, mindful heart who thinks of all the hearts of all. Let us gift back to Nature, for She is our best artist and we must give back.

The magic is in our hands, it is on us, what we make out of our Christmas. There was definitely more to our Christmas celebration here at Eseds, which is, singing carols together, cutting cakes and distributing gifts, it was indeed magical.

“The day when closed minds are opened
And even the coldest hearts can melt”

A Merry Christmas from Eseds School Of Design!

“May you have the fulfillment of seeing around you
the people you love the most.
May you have the satisfaction of creating special memories
they will remember with pleasure forever.”

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