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Movie screening at ESEDS -Slay

The disaster at Rana Plaza on April 23, 2013, stunned the world. The incident served as enough of a warning about the negative aspects of fast fashion. After viewing the horrifying image in the media, we were all in disbelief.We were all to be held accountable for such a catastrophe, intentionally or unknowingly, as a result of our excessive consumerism.

The incident led to the formation of Fashion Revolution.The organization was founded in 2013 as a result of this horrible event(Rana Plaza disaster).For a shift in the fashion industry, revolutionaries from all over the world joined forces.

The goal of the Fashion Revolution was to effect change, and as time went on, thousands of revolutionaries from all over the world joined in, turning it into a truly global movement towards moral and sustainable ideals.

Fashion Revolution Week is observed annually as a way to remember the victims of the Rana Plaza catastrophe and to stand up for both human and environmental rights. The campaigns are designed to raise the voices of underrepresented groups throughout the fashion supply chain and to tap into local ingenuity to investigate cutting-edge, integrated solutions.

ESEDS School of design is the only sustainable design institute who focuses on sustainability in every aspect.ESEDS focuses on creating designers who understands , values and implements sustainability, thereby creating the future designers.The institution has always been an active participant in fashion revolution week.This year was no exception.Along with different workshops like mending, movie screening Slay was also a part of 2023 fashion revolution week agendas.
The movie screening slay is an investigative documentary by filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli as she traveled around five continents.The dark underbelly of the fashion industry is explored in the documentary. It unravels a harrowing story of greenwashing, environmental destruction, unjust treatment of workers, and cruel animal exploitation. This was developed to raise customer awareness and present the truth.

The fact about any change is one needs to identify the problem in order to solve it. That was the sole justification for airing such a documentary. The students who were a part of this documentary were provided with the real information. To effect change in the fashion industry and the future generation must be aware of the real picture.

Following the screening, Emma Hakansson , the film’s producer, led an interactive discussion.Through that, the ESEDS students received incredible exposure.They also comprehended the rationale for producing such a documentary.

Overall the screening session was surely a success.

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