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Sustainable Design & Education: An Initiative Towards Greener Future

It’s not a new realization that the design industry is one of the leading polluters. Designerly thinking has always been considered “one of the most dangerous of all human characteristics” as this industry has been castigated for overconsumption, designing for discard, and focusing on products rather than systems for more than a half-century. However, we all know that design plays an important role in shaping both unsustainable and sustainable futures. This duality has also been reflected in design studies.

Since most people are unaware of sustainability and are more into consumerism, where the products are the focus rather than a sustainable future, sustainable practices have always been eclipsed in design education whether it is fashion design, interior design, or product design. However, as a result of recent climate changes, the general public is becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability and sustainability is becoming a key factor in creating a clean future. As a result, design education must shift more toward sustainable practices. This is reflected in the more diverse roles that designers have to take on, as well as the enormous challenges that design aims to address through the three pillars of sustainability. The education that happens outside of the formal setting is also getting more interested in exploring sustainability through Sustainable Design projects to understand the role of ‘education by sustainable design’.

ESEDS School of Design, one of the leading design colleges and the first Sustainable design college in India has taken great initiatives in sustainability-focused design courses that explores fresh thinking in design for sustainability in fields like fashion, interior, communication and graphics.

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