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Trend 23: Interior

Post-pandemic years have brought a sense of comfort and green thinking in Interior design. The designs are more driven towards soothing colour palette, comfort and natural materials The staying in culture has the most impact on 2023’s interior design trends while art eras also has its fair share in shaping them.

Warm colour palette, organic shapes, art and a love for sustainability are the hottest trends of this year. Here, take a look into the best of 2023.


The term biophilia refers to the human tendency of interacting with other natural forms. In design it means creating harmony between a shelter and the outside world. Plants are this year’s one of the trendiest design elements.


Curved furniture reflecting the natural shapes have made their way into trend 2023. Crescent sofa, egg shaped chair or curved staircase are the new trends for this year. Round and soft curvy detailings are going to set the bar for this year.


Green is the colour of 2023. The interior world is bringing back green to feel close to nature. Leafy-toned furniture is the most recent high point of the furniture market.Emerald green has earned the top colour spot of 1stDibs’ designer survey for the third year in a row and sage was the runner-up.


As interior designer Tina Schnabel said,“natural qualities of materials, stripped of all synthetics,” the raw textures of materials like marble, wood and stone are the one of the trendiest features of 2023.


This year space became more personalised and character-rich. Gothic designs are one of those tempting features that made a major impact on interior design today but with a modern twist to it. Hellenism has returned and marked their bold features like Sweeping curtains, arch mirrors, sculptures, and lavish chandeliers into 2023 trends.


While neutral colours and greens are the trendiest of 2023, furniture becomes more vibrant to complement them. This season, contrasting decor is a big thing to give your place a lively vibe.

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