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Why Social Media is Important Now

In today’s world, almost everyone uses social media in there day to day life likes a necessary daily activity. Usually social media is typically used for social interaction and access to news. It is considered to be very valuable communication tool with other locals or worldwide and also used to like, share, and spread information faster than any form of media present .

Why is social media important now?

Now a days social media allows the social growth among people and also helps many business by using social marketing to focus on potential clients who are interested in their product . So as we can see that as the business is happening through social media , there is larger amount of clients from locals to worldwide which is creating an easy access to many business workers to make their business worldwide . So in conclusion, social media can be a useful tool for engaging with your audience and boosting website traffic.

At the same time we can use social media for easily accessed information and news. We can use social media for creating awareness about topics that are concerned such as social causes, help disaster, crimes etc.

We can educate ourselves via social media about politics, business, world culture, education, careers, innovation, and more. Social media helps you maintain relationships by making it easier to reach family and friends who live far away from you, in way saying closing the distance gap between your closed ones who live far. You might not see a person who is close to you for years but via social media you can see their day to day activities if they are active in social media. Social media apps almost every day have new update which are sometimes good and bad both but usually the good updates help in easier access to connecting with people. There are millions of users of social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most recent sensation Tiktok. According to Statista , social media is being used by 3.6 billion users, and there will be approximately 4.41 billion users by 2025.

Problems in social media:

Nowadays as social media has strongly influenced the users life that they feel like without social , media they have no personality, friends , emotion too put it more simple they feel like they do not have any life. I do agree that social media have multiple uses but using over the limit can affect a person’s mind and body.

It has seen from the pandemic happened which resulted to quarantine where almost people from every group age, cast, county, continent has benn using social media . In this time many social media workers or who we call influencers have been working for easy access of money and fame but many of them could not stick as social media has negative people too who hate for no reason but sometime valuable reason to an influencer which later on gives them mental illness such as anxiety, depression ,insecurity, etc. at the same time people who are seeing them are creating perspective we need to look like those particular influencer and if they do not meet to their particular standards they feel dishearten and even they suffer from mental illness and body image problems.

The effect of social media is very complex depends from person to person and it depends on which part of social media we want to be. The positive part or the negative and as we can see nowadays it is very advance so it is easier for people to lead an easy life.

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