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Zero Waste Design Masterclass with Belgian fashion designer Dinie Van Den Heuvel

Limited resources is what the world is and will be facing in the future. The main focus of the world has been on sustainability, circular economy for almost three decades. This is the time when we finally start taking responsibilities. Textile industry is seeing a major shift very recently. Minimizing waste and innovations is the future of the textile industry.

Now let us understand what zero waste design is and why is it so important for the designers to understand implement this technique into their designs. Zero waste pattern cutting technique is an innovative pattern cutting technique which leaves no extra fabric that’s how minimizing waste at its maximum. The process involves calculations planning before moving onto cutting.

ESEDS School of Design being the best fashion design institute in India arranges experiential innovative practical workshops by international fashion designers. Through these workshops students get a global knowledge to become the future designer.

One such workshop was by Dinie Van Den Heuval. She is a fashion designer based in Belgium and is the co-founder of sustainable kids wear clothing label Infantium Victoria. She also has 15 plus years of knowledge in sustainable fashion. The students of ESEDS had a wonderful time with her. The three-day session with her began on March 27 at the ESEDS campus in Kolkata.

Understanding the fundamentals of Zero waste pattern cutting was the main focus of the first Day of the session. It was about exploring this method at its best. They also analyzed the requirement of such a technique in the textile industry. To further comprehend the method, they created miniature pattern versions which helped them understand the method better.

Day two was all about implementing the knowledge that they received from the first session into a finished garment. They were provided with GOTS organic cotton to carry forward their first zero waste pattern cutting project. The rule was simple that one can’t have fabric wastage throughout the entire process of construction.

Day three of the workshop saw hustle to finish the final outfit. Each and every student who took part in the workshop was proud of the outcome. The guidance of Dinie throughout the three-day workshop was exceptional. Each and every garment stood out in itself.

ESEDS School of Design focuses on practical skill development. There in depth curriculum on fashion design with Sustainability will help you become the designer of the future.

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